From Accidents to Zero is taking the safety world by storm.

In the first month of publication over 2,000 copies were bought by safety practitioners, thought leaders and business managers.  Now the book has sold over 90,000 copies and is being read and used by practitioners, managers and leaders in more than 100 countries around the globe.

Here’s what some of them have to say about the book…

From Accidents to Zero: A Practical Guide to Safety Culture is positively different from traditional safety and health books. Sharman points out that we need to go beyond the “business as usual” if we want to approach zero harm at work.  Even excellent workplaces and organizations tend to have difficulties in continuing to improve safety. This book is a good start to see our own limitations and “blindness” in our safety efforts. Excellent reading that encourages immediate action!     Professor Dr Jukka Takala, Director Emeritus, ILO SafeWork & EU-OSHA.  
Ministry of Manpower Services Centre, Workplace Safety & Health Institute, Singapore
Thought-provoking and insightful. From Accidents to Zero progressively pushed me to see new connections, and new ways to address organizations’ safety culture and risk management challenges.   Mieke Jacobs, Global Practice Leader – Employee Safety, DuPont
Simply THANK YOU – excellent book: clear, truthful, straightforward and practical.  It helps me a lot in formation of ideas to move to a solid way forward. Aleksey Ryabinok, Regional EHS Director, Japan Tobacco International, Turkey
Take a time-out from the power-point factory today and remind yourself how you can save lives, stop injuries and unlock the potential of your teams to drive a culture shift with this fresh and direct step-by-step user guide.   Peter McLellan, Global Head of H&S, DHL, Germany
A practical look at some of the biggest issues in workplace safety culture today.   Duncan Carlisle, CEO, NOSA Global Holdings, South Africa
Andrew is a visionary Health and Safety professional with an intense focus on creating working environments that bring the best safety performance out of people.  The unique approach in his book, Accidents to Zero, inspires other Health and Safety professionals to think outside the same old worn out accident prevention methods and look to cutting edge culture-focused strategies.  This book is a must-have resource for all Health and Safety professionals interested in achieving new results in the social age.    Chet Brandon CSP CHMM, Vice President Operations, ATI Physical Therapy, United States of America
This A to Z of safety represents an eminently practical knowledge toolbox, one filled with tools which will add value to the CEO and the front line Safety Practitioner in equal measures.  Relevant, accessible and applicable, this is safety distilled and a ‘must-read’.    Steven Brown, Brewery Manager, Heineken, Scotland
A refreshing and practical introduction to Safety Management; Sharman writes with an engaging style that is both insightful and thought provoking  John Holt, Director HS&E, Rolls-Royce plc
This book is a MUST READ – it will change your approach to safety FOREVER!  Challenges your everyday thinking and provides innovative and proactive methods to truly integrate and embed safety into your company culture.  Steve Bourke, EHS Director, Owens-Illinois, Australia
From the Jedi Master of safety leadership comes a powerfully positive book on safety culture that points us towards what we can do to really make a difference.  Blending out-of-the-box thinking with human applications and psychology this book will transform your safety change effort.  Truly stellar.   Steve Giblin CMIOSH, Group HSSEQ Director, Speedy Services
This book should be subtitled ‘safety psychology without tears’. If you want to know more about what makes people behave as they do and how you can translate that knowledge into smarter worker protection, Sharman’s your man.   Louis Wustemann, Managing Editor, Health & Safety at Work magazine
Andrew Sharman presents his common-sense and thought provoking view to deconstructing the mysteries of ‘safety culture’ and how revitalising the concepts of people making safety personal and actually thinking about safety are vital in modern times.  Andrew’s absence of technical jargon, which many safety professionals often love to use, means that this text book is ideal for directors and senior managers to dip into for inspiration, as well as those new to managing and influencing safe behaviours alike in the workplace.    Ian M B Scott, General Manager, Safety, Health and Environment, Balfour Beatty
A pithy, punchy, provoking publication.    Gerard Forlin QC, Cornerstone Barristers – London, Denman Chambers – Sydney, Maxwell Chambers – Singapore  & Vice Chair, Health and Safety Lawyers Association
The UK’s health and safety legacy is arguably second to none. Yet, while the track record in slashing fatalities and serious injuries is to be applauded, and stands as a glowing beacon of inspiration for safety professionals world-wide, there is a danger that complacency can creep into business practice. Health and safety can be a hard sell for businesses and for global safety professionals – finding, fresh, innovative approaches to improving workplace safety is a tough challenge. This practical guide to safety culture urges readers to eschew traditional perspectives and instead take a practical, big picture view on safety. A refreshing and timely addition to the health and safety conversation.    Nick Warburton, Editor, Safety & Health Practitioner (SHP) magazine
When most organizations find their safety performance stuck on a plateau, having exhausted technical and procedural controls, they usually move on to culture.  But with so much hype about culture, how do you really move beyond the status quo and get closer to that goal of zero injuries?  From Accidents to Zero delivers a thoughtful narrative that provides a wealth of practical ideas and actions to help expand your view, push the boundaries and allow you to successfully make that leap forward.     Subash C Ludhra CFIOSH, FRSA, JP, Former President of IOSH,  Managing Director
From Accidents to Zero makes more sense than anything else I’ve read on safety culture. Sharman pushes us to think outside the box and this practical little book rocks my world.   Graham Redpath, Senior Project Manager, Emtelle
This is safety deconstructed – an interesting and informative approach.    Dr Janet Asherson, International Organization of Employers / International Labour Organisation
An easy to read and understand with advice given in a story-telling style that is easy to relate to. This book will help the safety practitioner to change the way they think about, and how they do their work. Helpful and insightful it gives practical examples of what has worked for others whilst allowing the reader to adapt or adopt the ideas to help change the way they think or work. It is an excellent guide for Safety Practitioners in creating their own change, whilst developing sustainable practices.    Tim Briggs CertEd MA CFIOSH, President Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH)
Well worth a read, this book takes a positive view of safety. Rather than looking at accidents as the outcome, the book looks at how to create a positive safety culture through understanding why people do what they do and gives some great practical ideas to create the culture where people are more likely to  ‘Think Safety and Act Safely’.    Nick Gill, Risk, Control and Assurance Manager, Electricity North West
Simple, clearly laid-out and packed full of insight, a seminal text for everything you ever wanted to know about safety culture.   Kieran Phelan, Global H&S Director, William Grant & Sons Distillers

This book has found its place nicely in a modern world; where for most, finding the time to sit and read for hours at a time is an extravagance. It will travel well in any briefcase, or indeed kindle and so becomes an essential tool for any safety practitioner, however seasoned.  Simon Toseland, Compliance Services Director, Salisbury FM Group

I liked what you wrote that culture change takes as long as we want it to. It is also true that people do not think about safety in the workplace……that is the last thing on their mind at any day!  Puni Kgapene, QES Manager, NECSA, South Africa