The Safety Dilemmas Game (bundle of 10 decks)


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Bundle of 10 decks with a 20% discount

When it comes to workplace safety, we’re regularly faced with what appear to be opposing priorities. These dilemmas can get trickier with the addition of human beings – with their attitudes, opinions, and behaviours – and finding the answer is neither obvious nor easy.

When a colleague refuses to wear their safety glasses should we say something? If we suffer an accident days before a milestone celebration, should we report it and risk cancelling the fun? When the big boss conducts a safety walk without following procedures, should we speak up? In these moments, what we really need is some solid advice to help us decide what to do.

THE SAFETY DILEMMAS GAME invites you to propose how you might go about tackling some of the trickiest workplace situations, balancing your personal values with the need to stay safe and achieve business expectations. Players must suggest solutions to 52 common yet complex workplace safety dilemmas, explaining what they would do in each circumstance. It’s a fun, stimulating, and thought-provoking way of exploring the challenges of staying safe at work.

Choose one card or several, for a moment on safety or a longer discussion. Perfect in small or large groups, during toolbox talks or safety meetings, or to encourage personal reflection.