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Never before have we been surrounded by such an intense desire for happiness. We feel it, want it, can almost touch it, and chase its elusive beauty. Though as our lives speed up, pushing us forwards with our expectations and demands weighing against us, true happiness becomes harder to grasp.

This book will propel you forwards through an adventure of self-discovery as we reveal sophisticated scientific yet simple secrets to becoming naturally positive, living with gratitude, compassion and fun, and feeling like sunshine is filling your heart. Packed with inspiring and easy to use psychological techniques you’ll become the playful master of your mind, body and life – whilst keeping it real.

Forget pills, potions and prescriptions, we’ll share the humble power of lifestyle medicine and brain-training as your secret weapons to a happier, healthier life as you learn the five essential pillars of happiness to create a life-changing mind-body connection, sparking a positive spiral of energy that stands the test of time!

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