Safety Culture Bundle


Get your copy of the best-selling guide to safety culture and a set of Conversation Cards and you’ll have a year’s worth of practical tools at your fingertips!

From Accidents to Zero is written in a highly engaging, accessible style that bypasses the usual technical jargon and doublespeak to provide a powerful, practical guide to improving your workplace health and safety culture.  Combining positive psychology and organizational behaviour with proven safety methodologies, and calling on the works of Heinrich, Reason, Kahneman, Dekker, Hollnagel, Greek philosophy, Buddhism and much more, this book binds together the most influential academic research with vast international industrial experience.

With 26 chapters, each concluding with a series of reflection and action points, this book is an “eminently practical knowledge toolbox, filled with tools that will add value to the CEO and the front-line safety practitioner in equal measure.” (Stephen Brown, Brewery Director, Heineken)

The Creating Safety Conversations card deck is designed to create meaningful discussions on workplace health and safety and contains more than 160 carefully designed questions.

Based on the global best-selling book From Accidents to Zero each deck contains 50 cards covering ten themes: Leadership, Culture, Risk, Systems, Engagement, Mindset, Behaviour, Performance, Recognition and Communication.  

You could use a different card each week to provide sufficient meaningful questions for a year of safety discussions, or use both in tandem to help you devise your own improvement strategy for health & safety at work.

Get both the book and the card deck together at a very special price. (Sorry, discount codes and other offers do not apply to the Bundle.  Note that the Card Deck supplied in the Bundle is in English language only.)

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