Conversation Cards


The Creating Safety Conversations card deck is designed to create meaningful discussions on workplace health and safety and contains more than 160 carefully designed questions.

Based on the global best-selling book From Accidents to Zero each deck contains 50 cards covering ten themes: Leadership, Culture, Risk, Systems, Engagement, Mindset, Behaviour, Performance, Recognition and Communication.  

There are 5 cards for each theme.  Each card has at least two questions – an Icebreaker to get the conversation started, and a Deeper Dive.  You can use a bunch of Icebreakers together, focus on Deeper Dives on the themes of your choice, or mix it up!  With more than one hundredand sixty questions in the deck, the Creating Safety Conversations cards are the perfect interactive tool to facilitate Toolbox Talks, Safety Walks, Team Meetings, One-to-One conversations, or to help focus attention in the development of your strategies and action plans. They can be used by everyone – whether you’re senior leader, department manager, supervisor, EHS advisor – and between employees, too.

In addition to the question cards, there’s suggestions on how to use the cards, guidance on best practices, and some examples of techniques you can use to get the most out of your workplace health and safety discussions.

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