Care Cards (bundle of 10 decks)


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Bundle of 10 decks with a 20% discount

Creating a culture of care is good for business, and great for the people that work in it.

Often, sadly, the pressures of work consume our attention – and we forget to take the time to check in with our colleagues in a meaningful way.

Using science-based thoughtful prompts and questions, this set of Care Cards builds engagement, empathy, insight and trust between colleagues, transforming the atmosphere at work and creating a culture of care.

The deck has 60 cards, with over 150 curious questions spread across 12 categories including Trust, Resilience, Respect, Inclusion, Recognition, Teamwork, Authenticity, Happiness, and more.

You can use the cards in one-to-one discussions, in a group – during toolbox talks or to open department meetings, for self-reflection, or to assist in the development of your strategic improvement plans and initiatives.

60 prompt cards for meaningful discussion with over 150 questions.