Brain Chains


Discover your brain and unleash its full potential in a hyper-connected multi-tasking world

This is a book for you if you want to significantly improve your intellectual performance and take full advantage of the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) revolution – e-mail, texting, social media, the Internet, smartphones, tablets, computers etc. – to release the full potential of both your brain and your ICT tools.

This is certainly a book for you if you sometimes feel that your ICT use in general and e-mail in particular has a negative impact on your intellectual productivity, and even more so if you think you can multitask and that it is just fine to always be connected.

This is also a book for you if you would simply love to know how your thinking brain, your most important tool, works. Let there be no misunderstanding: Computers are unbelievably far from the sophistication of a human brain. The only thing computers do much better is massive number crunching, and analyzing data, big data. As I will describe later on, a computer that primitively mimics the working of a human brain would weigh a massive 40,000 tons and consume approximately all the megawatts of a nuclear power plant. You carry much more computing power than that around in your skull as only 3 pounds of wetware consuming a mere 30 watts. Why not learn something more about your magnificent brain to unleash its full potential?

513 pages. Available in English.

A summarized version of BrainChains is also available (129 pages), click here to see that version.

Prof Dr Theo Compernolle is a medical doctor, neuropsychiatrist and psychotherapist, and teaches and coaches at executive business schools around the world.

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