TSL ROMALast week we ran the Total Safety Leadership masterclass in Rome, Italy

With a full cohort of safety leaders from all over Europe, we knuckled down to exploring the nuances of safety culture and discussed how to develop highly impactful, effective – and affective – leadership skills to move performance From Accidents to Zero. 

One of the delegates – a senior leader from SABIC – saidTotal Safety Leadership: From Accidents to Zero has been the most impactful event I ever visited in my life! I have like a zillion ideas what I (personally) want to do differently to enhance EHSS Culture, and I’m far but done reflecting on what I’ve learned! Grazie Mille for allowing me this great opportunity! Can’t wait to further spread the virus that has gotten inside of me!”

Would YOU like to catch the Total Safety Leadership virus?  

Drop us a line at info@rydermarshsharman.com to find out about our next open courses, or to arrange for the masterclass to be run in your organisation.  Every delegate receives a copy of the book, signed by the author.