The traditional view is that building a robust, positive safety culture is complex, difficult, and takes a long time. But hold on! It doesn’t have to be that way!   Our books are written in a highly engaging, accessible style that bypasses the usual technical jargon to deconstruct the mystery that surrounds what we have come to know as ‘safety culture’ and provide practical guidance on improving performance.

From Accidents to Zero strips back the academic theory to provide a seductively simple but incredibly powerful practical guide to improving your safety culture right nowCombining positive psychology and organizational behaviour with proven safety methodology and calling on the works of Heinrich, Reason, Dekker, Kahneman, Hollnagel, as well as Greek philosophy, Buddhism and much more, this book provokes thought and provides pragmatic guidance with over 80 new ideas for action that will not only reduce accidents but also save lives in your workplace today. (Perfect for forward-thinking safety, health and risk practitioners, and operational managers and leaders looking for practical ideas. 144 pages)

Safety Savvy focuses on the 5 most important principles we need to live longer in a dangerous and uncertain world.  Leveraging pop culture, hard facts and stories from Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Nelson Mandela, Rocky, Dirty Harry and even Homer Simpson this fast, fun, high-impact book will set your employees on the right track to becoming Safety Savvy at work and at home, 24/7.  (Great for employees at any level, supervisors keen to think afresh about safety, and anyone looking for a lighter take on safety. 96 pages. )

Mind Your Own Business rationalises why senior leaders – whatever their allocated remit: Operations, Quality, Logistics, and even the CEO – need to think differently about workplace safety and provides clarity on how to play your true part in leading safety confidently in your organization.   This book explains what your MBA should have taught you about workplace safety. Through a clear a 5 step approach the book explodes the modern myths of safety to help you get your mindset just right, find the force and lead the way forward to safety excellence.  (Deliberately written for senior leaders who care about the safety of their people and want to make a tangible difference to them, and their organization, right now. 242 pages.)

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Has your organization already made good progress with safety or is stuck on a ‘performance plateau‘ and now looking for a way forward?

Are you starting out as a safety professional or are you a ‘seasoned old-hand‘?

Perhaps you’re a leader interested in making things safer in the workplace but not sure where to start…

Maybe you’re an employee with an interest in safety at work and want something to mull over…

Whoever you are, wherever you may be, at whatever point in your journey to safety excellence you find yourself, our books have hundreds of practical actions you can use right now to make yourself, your family, your team, and your organization safer, more efficient, and more profitable.

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NEW: Mind Your Own Business

For many leaders safety has become about paperwork and procedures rather than doing the right thing.   Why is this?  Perhaps it’s because the system makes it so.  As the rise and rise of the MBA continues, leaders dive into organizations feeling fully equipped.  But their MBA failed to teach them one thing – how to lead on safety.  As a direct result safety is delegated to others, and a heavy reliance on their advice begins.

Together Andrew Sharman and Judith Hackitt, former Chair of the British workplace safety regulator the Health & Safety Executive, reframe health and safety as a core value and a very real leadership mission, arguing that a straightforward and inclusive approach to safety should be a core part of all management and leadership training, and explain in clear, practical terms why and how, when it comes to matters of workplace safety, minding your own business will help you get things just right.  If you’re an operational leader interested in how you can drive sustainable improvement in safety, this book is what you’re looking for.

Mind Your Own Business is a ground-breaking new book that directly addresses the negativity and challenges that surround workplace health and safety and comes as a breath of fresh air to organizational leaders keen to make a difference with safety, but don’t know where to start by providing a strong signal to look again at your own leadership in safety.

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