5,000 Total Safety Leaders!

IMG_3599Our Total Safety Leadership masterclass for managers and leaders has now attended by 5,000 people, wow!

The 2 day interactive workshop has now been delivered to our clients in more than 40 countries around the world, from Australia to America, Belgium to Bahrain, Kenya to Kazakhstan, Switzerland to Siberia, and from Zambia to Zimbabwe!

Delegates successfully completing the program are rewarded with a certificate from the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM).

For information on the program, click the MASTERCLASS tab or drop us a line at info@fromaccidentstozero.com and we’ll send you more details.

Sharman appointed IOSH President Elect

Andrew Sharman has been appointed the new President Elect of IOSH, the world’s leadingAndrew Sharman-2 body for OSH practitioners.  Andrew has supported IOSH for 20 years now, from role including Chair of the Edinburgh Branch, to Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, as a Non-Executive Director of IOSH Services Ltd, and as Vice President.  www.IOSH.com

He’s delighted and honoured to step into this new role, which leads to presidency of IOSH in September 2019.

Sharman authors new IOSH textbook

IOSH ATPIOSH (the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health) has launched a brand new Level 3 national qualification in Safety & Health for Business.

Andrew Sharman has written the textbook for the program and is delighted with the end result, he said: “This new qualification is a step change for how people learn about workplace safety.  Rather than focus in on occupational hazards, our approach here has been to ensure people thing about how they build safety culture strategically, through better leadership and employee engagement, in order to drive significant and sustainable performance improvement.”

Sharman’s consulting firm RMS Switzerland is proud to offer the IOSH qualification to clients.  Email team@RMSswitzerland.com for details or click this link: IOSH Qualification Brochure

Total Safety Leadership LIVE at CalTech



Andrew Sharman has just completed the first Total Safety Leadership program at CalTech, the exclusive doctorate-granting research university in Pasadena, California in the USA.


CalTech is one of the world’s top ten universities and we’re delighted to bring our global Total Safety Leadership
program to theCaltech hallowed halls where the great Einstein taught.

Time to get Naked!

naked_safety_600x600pxAfter five years of research and writing we are delighted to announce the publication of Naked Safety.  At well over 300 pages, this hardback book strips back the mystery and explores the dynamics of workplace safety in a fast-changing world.

With narratives on the central pillars of safety, including: risk management, legal frameworks, performance, governance, leadership, culture and behaviour – as well as macro issues that affect safety and business more broadly, such as wellbeing, employee engagement, globalisation, CSR, sustainability and the role of the safety practitioner, Naked Safety features over 100 actions to bring about positive and sustainable organizational change.


2018 Business Book of the Year prizewinning author Campbell MacPherson reckons “Naked Safety is a refreshing read that shifts the focus of OHS from process to outcomes, freeing up management to make decisions that will achieve better results for their people and their organization.  And it’s a cracking read!”


myob_cover_600x600px_170117We’re delighted to announce that Andrew Sharman’s new book is out now and available for order in our shop on this site.

Mind Your Own Business is co-authored with Dame Judith Hackitt DBE, former Chair of the Health & Safety Executive, the British safety regulator.   Aimed squarely at enhancing operational leaders understanding and impact in workplace safety the book Mind Your Own Business is a practical, inspiring guide for modern leaders striving to regain a sense of balance when it comes to workplace health & safety by building shared accountability and measurable improvement both in safety performance and organizational culture.

This book explains exactly how you can lead and manage safety efficiently and effectively by sharing with you just what your MBA should have taught you about workplace health & safety.  You’ll learn how to get the balance just right for your organization and as a leader create safety in a way that returns rapid and significant value along the ‘triple bottom line’ of people, planet and profit.

“Managers feel baffled by the complexity of OHS systems and regulations. What this book says will come as a breath of fresh air to them.  There are so many myths to be debunked; importantly, managers really do not need to let fear of most unlikely legal consequences be a key driver of their decisions.  Given the background and credibility of the authors, managers should see this as a strong signal to look again with confidence at their leadership in safety.”

Professor Andrew Hopkins, sociologist and best-selling author of ‘Learning from High-Reliability Organizations’, ‘Failure to Learn’ and ’Safety, Culture and Risk’.


3,000 Total Safety Leaders!

We’re celebrating!!image007

Our Total Safety Leadership masterclass for managers and leaders has now attended by 3,000 people, wow!  The 2 day interactive workshop has now been delivered to our clients in more than 30 countries around the world, from Australia to America, Belgium to Bahrain, Kenya to Kazakhstan, and from Switzerland to Siberia.   Delegates successfully completing the program are rewarded with a certificate from the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM).

For information on the program, click the MASTERCLASS tab or drop us a line at info@fromaccidentstozero.com and we’ll send you more details.



Andrew Sharman appointed Professor at CEDEP, Paris

Delighted to announce that Andrew has been appointed as Professor of Safety Culture & Leadership at CEDEP, the European Centre for Executive Development, at INSEAD, Paris.
The CEDEP Executive Program is regarded as the premier level of safety education for business leaders and is designed to help delegates create a positive safety culture in high reliability organisations.
You can find out more through the following link:

Second Edition on the way!


Just working on the manuscript for the Second Edition of From Accidents to Zero…  a_to_z_poster_600px

The book has been signed to Ashgate / Gower – home of writers including Sidney Dekker, Andrew Hopkins, Cary Cooper, Tim Marsh, John Bernard Taylor and many more.  Delighted to join the Ashgate / Gower team and looking forward to seeing the new updated and extended version of From Accidents to Zero published later this year.  The new version will be available in Hardback format only, with a retail price of around £50.

If you haven’t already got your copy of the First Edition, we have a small stock remaining.  As an incentive to get your copy ordered now, we’ll like to offer you 20% off the cost of your copy.  Just enter the code ‘onthejourney‘ at Checkout – and don’t forget to select your FREE From A-Z poster too.

Being Safety Savvy



Delighted to announce that my new book Safety Savvy, written with Dr Tim Marsh, is released!


Already receiving positive reviews in the press, SHP magazine said:

“It just goes to show how much things have changed when, today, we can pick up a pocket-sized paperback, just 93 pages, packed full of stats, stories and anecdotes that will really get you thinking.  This time round Marsh and Sharman have taken famous movie quotes and have cleverly related them to situations in society, which have an impact on health and safety, giving it a really broad appeal.  The book has large bold graphics and text and is in a format that will snugly fit inside your back pocket, ideal to pull out when sitting on the bus, waiting for a train or just relaxing down the pub. In fact, it is written in a style that feels like the authors are chatting to you over a pint, asking you, the reader, the questions, making it highly thought provoking.”

Get a 20 per cent discount when you quote the code SHPSavvy20 at http://www.rydermarshsharman.com/product/safety-savvy/


Do we have the right leaders in safety?

IOSH big debate photoDoes the H&S profession have the leaders it deserves?  That was the question Andrew posed to a panel of distinguished experts during the BIG DEBATE at the IOSH Annual Conference held in London this week.

With almost 900 delegates in the room, questions from the audience flooded in, as panellists Alastair Davey, VP EHS Sodexo; Kevin Myers CBE, Director General Regulation at the HSE; Charles Elvin, CEO of the Institute of Leadership and Management (and others) discussed why leadership is so crucial to success in safety at work.

From Accidents to Zero features several chapters on Leadership – including exploration of various styles of leadership such as Transactional, Transformational, Servant and Felt Leadership – as well as digging into how corporate culture is formed, shaped and sustained.

Leadership and the Performance Paradox

iosh 2015Sharing thoughts and ideas on the ‘New View’ of workplace safety at the IOSH Annual Conference in London this week.

The main hall was packed with delegates to listen to Andrew’s paper on Leadership and the Performance Paradox. The session was high interactive and many delegates won copies of From Accidents to Zero during the presentation.

After delivering the paper we enjoyed some fantastic discussion with a group of delegates around the dogged pursuit of ‘zero injuries’ that many organisations seem to have, and some great ideas about how to make the mindset shift to ‘create safety‘ rather than focus only on preventing accidents.

And then there were none!

RenewableUK-HS2015-Logo_CMYKAndrew has some pretty strong views on the topic of ‘Zero Injuries(as you will know if you have read this book!)

On 29 January he gave a keynote at the Renewable UK Annual H&S Conference held in Birmingham, UK.  The event was meticulously orchestrated and the calibre of attendees meant that the day was filled with vibrant discussion on safety, culture and leadership.

Andrew’s talk was inspired by the Agatha Christie novel ‘And then there were none‘ and this statement was true with regard to the books we had available for delegates on our stand.  Beginning the day with boxes of them, there were soon none left!


Ciao Roma! Total Safety Leadership

TSL ROMALast week we ran the Total Safety Leadership masterclass in Rome, Italy

With a full cohort of safety leaders from all over Europe, we knuckled down to exploring the nuances of safety culture and discussed how to develop highly impactful, effective – and affective – leadership skills to move performance From Accidents to Zero. 

One of the delegates – a senior leader from SABIC – saidTotal Safety Leadership: From Accidents to Zero has been the most impactful event I ever visited in my life! I have like a zillion ideas what I (personally) want to do differently to enhance EHSS Culture, and I’m far but done reflecting on what I’ve learned! Grazie Mille for allowing me this great opportunity! Can’t wait to further spread the virus that has gotten inside of me!”

Would YOU like to catch the Total Safety Leadership virus?  

Drop us a line at info@rydermarshsharman.com to find out about our next open courses, or to arrange for the masterclass to be run in your organisation.  Every delegate receives a copy of the book, signed by the author.

Total Safety Leadership in South Africa

TSL SAOur Total Safety Leadership masterclass is based on the book From Accidents to Zero.  

The recent 2 day event in Johannesburg, South Africa was completely sold out in just 4 weeks.  Delegates focussed on creating and maintaining a robust safety culture through impactful leadership, learning new concepts, skills and tools to help them and their organisations on the journey.

Feedback from delegates was highly positive with one attendee concluding “this training course was eye-opening: being able to see just exactly how organisational culture is formed was fantastic.  I can now really start to make a difference in my business and move From Accidents to Zero!


The Total SafetyLeadership masterclass can be run in-house for your organisation.  Drop us a note at info@rydermarshsharman.com to find out more.

Sharman joins Marsh

RMS logo CMYKAndrew Sharman has merged his consulting business with that of global leader in Behaviour-Based Safety, Dr Tim Marsh.  The merger has created a new organization by the name of RyderMarshSharman.

RyderMarsh was founded in 1994 by Dr Tim Marsh CPsychol CFIOSH SFIIRSM and over the last 21 years has transformed the safety culture of hundreds of organisations around the world across a range of industries including Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Utilities and Transportation.  This track record of helping clients design, implement and sustain robust people-focussed processes to reduce workplace injuries and incidents has earned RyderMarsh the reputation as the world leader in the field of behavioural safety.

Since the early 1990s Dr Marsh has personally been at vanguard of thought leadership in the field, having authored more than 300 articles and conference papers on the subject.  His latest book ’Talking Safety’ is currently the biggest-selling book on safety behaviour.

RyderMarshSharman now builds on this combined 40+ years of successful solid application of research and practice and expands the focus on safety culture and safety leadership through the creation and use of leading edge psychology to deliver a bespoke package for clients to support the creation and embedding of true organisational excellence when it comes to managing risk, health, safety, sustainability and wellbeing.

With offices in the UK, Switzerland, North America and the Middle East, their dynamic team of Occupational Psychologists, Organizational Behaviourists, Leadership Consultants, Ergonomists and Human Factors specialists is well-placed, culturally sensitive, performance-focussed, and responsive to the need for a global approach with local thinking.

Andrew is the Chief Executive of RyderMarshSharman.

RyderMarshSharman: Improving Culture, Enabling Excellence.   Find out more atwww.rydermarshsharman.com or email info@rydermarshsharman.com

FREE A-Z Roadmap

a_to_z_poster_600pxThe centrefold graphic from the book is now available as a FREE downloadable colour poster.  Many organisations are already using the poster as a discussion tool in team meetings, or to help review focus areas on their own journeys From Accidents to Zero.

Have you got your poster yet?  Click on the FREE DOWNLOAD bar at the top of the screen to get yours today.

New course material for Advanced Diploma in Zurich


From Accidents to Zero has become part of the official course material for the prestigious Diploma of Advanced Studies in Work & Health at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

As a Visiting Lecturer to the University, I’m delighted that the book now forms part of course reading for postgraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine at Zurich, and the Faculty of Biology & Medicine at the University of Lausanne.

The Advanced Diploma in Work & Health combines high scientific academic standards to link occupational health issues to management practices and the larger organisational context.

Find out more about this course at www.mas-workandhealth.uzh.ch

Glowing review in the world’s leading H&S journal!



The Safety & Health Practitioner (‘SHP’) journal – the official magazine of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health feature a glowing review of From Accidents to Zero written by senior safety expert and CDMC of the Year award-winner Simon Toseland.

In his review, Simon says that “...this book has found its place nicely in a modern world; where for most, finding the time to sit and read for hours at a time is an extravagance. It will travel well in any briefcase, or indeed kindle and so becomes an essential tool for any safety practitioner, however seasoned.

Read the full review here, and if you’re an IOSH member, claim your exclusive discount to order the book online.